Monday, 10 August 2009

This is where used electrons come to die:

I will be posting when the urge overcomes me.
'Til then feel free to leave a message.
It costs nothing but the lives of a few Novemseptuagintillion innocent, harmless,
still-loved-by-their-anode, electrons. :(


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi SJ,
    My interior grammar fascist found 2 typos in my first comment- do over!

    I thought of writing you here initially but I couldn't decide if that would be clever or creepy. Hence I created the longest faux url possible.
    I think I must have been banned/blocked because there is no reply to messages button. I wrote a letter a week or so ago to the blanket email alias (that's the only message ability I have in my profile) but I never heard anything back- I was a little flip in my message so maybe I used up all my goodwill and charm and whatnot.
    I'm going to take the path of least resistance and register under a new name. I was thinking of Golddiggersof1833 but I don't know if Busby Berkley would've approved of steampunk so I think I'm going to go for TheWickerMa'am as my username if I can put in an apostrophe.
    If it's ok I'm going to come follow you again. Thank you for helping me navigate the murky murky commenting waters!

    p.s. Realizing your picture was the uncanny valley diagram made my day.

  3. 10 August 2009? And you have the nerve to complain about me being slow! (Where are my matches?) All right, now I know where you live...

  4. the messages are back on io9 so i came to say hi-dee-ooo here and on twitter. As yet no 140 character response.
    So hello here from the ether.